Subject: Take Steps Today to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents This Winter

As winter continues, the chance of people being injured at your ministry after slipping on snow or ice increases. During last year’s harsh winter, slips and falls on ice and snow accounted for nearly one-third of all workers’ compensation claims in the Midwest that caused people to lose time from work, according to a recent report. Reduce your ministry’s risk by taking a few steps to lessen the chance of injury.

Start this month by doing a walk-through of your facility and grounds. Look for any potential trip hazards both indoors and out and determine how to mitigate them. This could include:

  • Installing brighter lighting.
  • Inspecting walkways more frequently during winter months.
  • Drying wet hallways and entryways to avoid slippery floors.
  • Taking a close look at stairway and handrail conditions, making repairs if necessary.

With a little awareness and planning, your ministry can prevent many of the slip-and-fall accidents that happen each year on  ministry properties.

Looking for more information to get started? Check out this issue of The Deacon’s Bench safety newsletter from Brotherhood Mutual. It’s full of hints to help you prevent slips, trips, and falls in your ministry, pluswhat to do if someone falls.

Brotherhood Mutual also offers these online resources to help you prevent and deal with slips, trips, and falls:

For more helpful safety articles, check out the Resources section on Brotherhood Mutual’s website,

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