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Don’t Let Your Church Go Up In Smoke

July 29, 2017

Most every Church owns business property, which may include the building in which you run your operations. Property insurance protects the physical assets your business owns – such as computers, office equipment, buildings, furniture, fixtures, and other property. Every business should have a comprehensive property insurance portfolio to respond to the many risks associated with […]

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Risk Management For Churches

July 11, 2017

Budget for cost of insurance changes. The insurance market is cyclical; if prices have been low or dropping over the past year, they eventually will go back up. You must account for this change within your budget and be prepared for a premium increase next year. Limit your exposure to losses! You need to make […]

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5 Insurance Myths

July 6, 2017

I get questions from churches all the time about their insurance options—especially when there are misunderstandings and myths about how insurance companies work. With accurate information, you can make decisions with more clarity and confidence. My insurance company, Brotherhood Mutual can help separate fact from fiction with these 5 easy explanations of standard insurance questions; […]

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